Angenieux Paris 135mm f2.5 P2

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This lens was praised as the high speed 135mm lens at the beginning of Sales. In the catalog, it is mentioned as to use for the wildlife,,,, but it was exaggerated a little too much. The front lens in a large diameter is beautiful in the typical Angenieux style lens body seen in example photos. 135mm has also f3.5 lens, and which appears in a market rather often, but these f2.5 lens are seldom appearing in a market because of less production.

 Photos with Angenieux 135mmf2.5
Camden market
(カムデン マーケット)

アンジェニューAngenieuxレンズはこれで50mmf1.5 S21, 50mmf1.8 S1, 90mmf1.8 P1に続き4本目になります。135mmにはf3.5もあり、こちらのほうが市場にはよく登場しますし、値段もこなれています。f2.5は「ややレア」という程度でしょうか。レンズ外観はAngenieux独自の3本ベルト型で、やはりこの会社のレンズはこの外観が良く似合います(もちろんオリジナルライカマウントの50mmf1.8の形は別格ですが、、)。

This Angenieux lens is the 4th lens I bought following 50mmf1.5 S21, 50mmf1.8 S1, 90mmf1.8 P1. 135mm also has f3.5, and that appears in a market more often and the price is also reasonable. The degree of this f2.5, I can say "It's a little rare." The outward appearance of the lens is typical Angenieux 3 ring type, and looks really good with this design of this Angenieux company lenses (but of course, the shape of 50mmf1.8 of an original Leica mount is exceptional.).
The mount is Exakta, so I changed to EOS by a mount adapter, but it hit a mirror as expected. It didn't seem so terrible as 50mmf1.5 S21, so I put Scotch tape just between the lens and the mount adapter, and it was settled excellently. Another problem is that the focus can’t come till infinity distance. It seems to cover the infinity by the depth of field somehow about in f8.
The description, if I say in a word, is quite sharp. I think you feel comfortable to the way how the focus comes if you enlarge and see the photo of passerby’s of the first. It's quite sharp and different from 50mm and 90mm which are somehow the bokeh lenses, but such lens are sometimes also good, aren't they?

Hyde Park


They are just trial photos, but it seem to be the lens which shows a very nice aerial feelings.