Angenieux 1 inch f0.95

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Composition 6groups 8lenses

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This is a very beautiful lens with mat silver body. There is also 50mm in f0.95 aperture, I can not find easily in markets. The composition of this lens is 6group8lenses, however this f0.95 adds one convex lens to the other 50mmf1.5,f1.8 lens which have usual Double Gauss type.
The description of this lens shows a little flare or blur on the whole picture, but no Swirling bokeh. Also shows some flow of image as I took lights furing night.

Photos with Angenieux 1 inch f0.95

Winter Scene

The winter scene taken around Regent street, Oxford street, and the Parliament house. The Winter of London brings us not only its coldness but also bad weather. Our mind become depressed more than Tokyo where we usually have very good weather dureing winter period.
I wonder it shoube be worse if Christmas is not in such season.
I took today's photo in a little closed aperture, its description is rather sharp on the main subjects.
christmas market at Hydepark

I could not see such blur as the last time, but it shows some softness totally.
This skate link is the temporary facility in about one month during Christmas season, but its scale is not so small.
They construct a big Ferris wheel, some Horror Houses and other atractions in only several daysin November.
oxford street and Meyfair

I feel the taste of Old Lens as I can see some blur on the whole of pictures. All phots are taken in full aperture, so I can not judge if it becomes sharper in closed aperture.
The 1st photo in the second row taken in a park shows misty which raise the Autumn atomosphere more. I feel a little too soft with much blur in the night photos, however it is not only because of this lens itself.