Askania Kino Anastigmat 75mm f1.8

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発売開始  1940年頃?
1940年のAskania Z 35mm Movie Cameraに装着されていた。

Start of sales  around 1940
This lens was attached to Askania Z 35mm Movie Camera at 1940.

Lens Impressions

とりあえず、反射光でもっとも近いと思われる、Astro BerlinのTachnarレンズのエルノスター派生型の構成図を揚げておきました。

Composition is unknown. But I assume the latter part of diaphragm is just one lens, and front part seems 4 or 5 lenses without lamination ro less lamination.
Above Composition is tentatively from Astro Berlin Tachnar lens which supposed to have the nearest composition to judge from the way of reflection of single light.
Becase it seems to have no coating, it is rather weak at the against light condition.
Its description of center part is sharp but also generates strong swirling bokeh around peripheral area. Please study from the photo examples shown below..


 Photos with Askania Kino Anastigmat75mm
Omurai plum blossoms festival

This small festival have been held under such cold condition as almost no plum blossoms have bloomed. But it was a fine day.
I feel the spring season is approaching to join this small event anually.

I did not feel such strong interest on any booth this year. But I could make a good 1st use of the new lens by taking photos of promotional models any of who were willing to accept to be a subject.