Astro Berlin Tachon 65mm f0.75

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詳しいデータはありませんが、著名なhttp://www.exaklaus.de/astro.htm 及びvade mecumによると、1930年代に16mm,35mm映画撮影用に作られたようです。

Details of this Astor Berlin Tachon lens are very limited. In accordance to the famous http://www.exaklaus.de/astro.htm and vade mecum, it seems to be manufactured 
 around 1930th for 16mm/35mm movie camera. There are 3 groups in Tachon lens which are 25mm,35mm,52mm,75mm/f0.95, 35mm,120mm,180mm/f1.2 and 65mm/f0.75. This 65mmf0.75 lens is so huge and heavy. We can not see NEX-3 camera behind the lens. I could not take more than 3 shots at once because of its weight
The back focus is so short as 5-6mm, so I could make only macro distance without any modification. I removed the mount of NEX-3 and connected the body and lens with available 凸&凹 screws directly which gave me around 3 meters distance to the photo subject.

 Photos with Astro Belrin Tachon 65mm
around my house


This lens has no apperture nor Helicoid. Focusing can be made with rotating the screw between the body and lens, so it is almost impossible to make focus to moving subjects except presetting the distance.
I liked the description of Tachon more than pre-estimate. Its depth of field is not too shallow, and the subject appears very clearly. Its bokeh shows light swirling but no unpleasantness I had because it keeps the shape of bokeh to some degree.