Bausch & Lomb 3inch E.F. Anastigmat f2.0

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レンズ構成 : スピーディック型
その他 : 不明

Lens composition : Speedic type
others : N.A.

Lens Impression

現時点では全く素性不明のBausch & Lomb社の3inch E.F. Anastigmat f2.0レンズです。販売店ではHektor73mmf1.9を写したレンズと言っておりますが、宮崎さんに調整していただいたところ、トリプレットの後群を2枚構成にしたスピーディック型と判明しました。その他の詳しいことはわかっていません。
上記にHektor73mm(オールブラック)との外観比較写真も載せていますが、レンズのガラス部分の全長はヘクトールのほうがやや長いようです。一方口径はf値の暗いBausch & Lombレンズのほうがむしろ僅か大きいようで、そこからも構成の違いが感じられます。


I could get no exact information about this Bausch & Lomb 3 inch E.F. Anastigmat f2.0 lens. The seller said this should be the copy lens of Hektor 73mm f1.9, but I got it has a composition of 'Speedic' type from the inspection of Mr.Miyazaki. There are no other information yet.
You can see the comparison of lens shape between both lenses, I feel the length of lens unit(glass part) of Hektor is a little longer than Bausch & Lomb. On the other hand, the diameter of Bausch & Lomb is rather a little larger than Hektor which indicate the difference of those composition.
Bausch & Lomb lens is a little heavier than Hektor. Anyway the feeling of the material is so rich that I am sure that this Bausch & Lomb 3inch E.F. Anastigmat must be the original Leica mount.

From a Ronchi test, this lens remains rather bigger Spherical aberration, and strongly corrected which shows expressions with flare and 2 lines bokeh behind until f4.0. Also, Astigmatism remains moderately to see its bokeh swirling at the same time.


Photos with 3inch E.F. Anastigmat f2.0

Omurai Katori Shrine & Yushima Tenjin Shrine
(小村井 香取神社梅まつり、湯島天神)


The sharpness of focused part is more than Hektor 73mm.
On the other hand, strong rotating bokeh appears on peripheral part which makes interesting 3D feeling.
Strong north wind blowed on that day and there were little plum blossom, but three Plum Ambassadors have been stayed outside and responded to the many requests of cameramans.

small park in Myfair

 A発色はBausch & Lombがやや黄色味が強く、Hektorはやや青みが強い。
 Bボケの素直さはBausch & Lomb。Hektorは2線ボケ傾向とコマ収差と思しきボケの偏りが見られる。一方で、Bausch & Lombにはより強いボケの流れが見られ、こちらは非点収差の残存がより大きいものと思われる。

To compare with Hektor 73mm of lower part, I can realize the difference of two lenses clearly.
 (1) Blur of Highlight part of Hektor is bigger(stronger).
 (2) Color of Bausch & Lomb lens appears rather yellowish and that of Hektor is a little blueish.
 (3) The shape of each bokeh of Bausch & Lomb is more gentle, however it shows stronger flow of total bokeh because of astigmatism than Hektor.

Same picture by Hektor 73mmf1.9