Carl Meyer Speed 1 inch f0.95

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Carl Meyerレンズは米国Burke and James社で製造されたレンズのブランド名。オリジナルのレンズ設計よりむしろGoerz社などのレンズの再生産を取り扱っていました。

Carl Meyer lens is a brand name of the lens manufactured by U.S. Burke and James. They dealt with the reproduction of lenses such as Goerz company and others rather than designing original lenses. The lens data, composition are not clear up to now. There are many kind of [speed] lenses from this 1 inch to 300mm. The image circle is not so big and cannot cover a full CCD area of Micro 3/4 for G1. As for description, the rear bokeh shows tendency of 2 lines double image bokeh, and the front bokeh on the other hand is gentle. I think the correction of spherical aberration is a little in excess with realizing the sharpness of focus part. The swirling bokeh is rather intense in photos of taking close to the subject. I think both astigmatism and comatic aberration remain. Meanwhile, the contrast is comparatively high, and the description of the focus part is considerably clear, so I thinks that it is a superior lens with the convenience.

Photos with Carl Meyer Speed 1 inch f0.95

around Oxford Circus


In the photos of the flowers in full aperture, many kinds of aberration are overlapped and very unique bokeh appears. I think pictures should become so fun to devise the position of the objects and background. On the one hand, in the photos of the roadside scene in closed aperture are sharp and also bokeh becomes considerably straight and gentle.

Hotel lobby+others


The 2nd photo shows the original size of the image circle, and does not cover whole micro 3/4 format. The first photo is the one chopping off of the surrounding. Although this lens is as fast as f0.95 and rather old lens, the description I feel is a thick and strong with higher contrast.