Dallmeyer Speed Anastigmat 25mm f1.5

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This lens is the Dallmeyer’s high-speed lens for Cine of "Speed Anastigmat 25mmf1.5”. The exact name of this lens appear on the said company advertisement in 1932, and 20mm, 1 inch, 1.5 inches, 2 inches, 2.5 inches and 3 inches are indicated. Indeed the composition of lens is very rare and the same as Kino-Plasmat. Because of that, the description appears that the center part of focus is sharp, and the blur spreads just around that with strong overall softness. The Bokeh in peripheral area seems much different from that of 15mmf1.5 in same lens which shows bokeh mainly from Comatic aberration, and which shows the very Kino-Plasmat type swirling bokeh from astigmatism in the back side and radiation type bokeh in the front side.

Photos with Dallmeyer Speed Anastigmat 25mm f1.5



Flowers in Hyde Park in early summer. When I take pictures in such short distance, the feature of the bokeh of this lens is emphasized and I feel dizzy from them. The similarity with Kino-Plasmat is also vert reasonable.
Only the small area to which the focus is coming is very sharp, and blur starts just around it, and the far peripheral area shows strong tendency of bokeh with swirling, which is really my favorite type of description.

Fortnum & Mason
(フォートナム アンド メイソンのウインドウ)

Shop windows in a main store of the F&M which is famous for tea delight people passing very much with the design which elaborates very new ideas every season. The display of this Christmas - New Year was a fairy tale. It's the very nice workmanship which I feel so sorry to put away after certain period. I might have taken photos with more normal and sharp lenses, however I think it makes me feel more illusion with melting bokeh in circumference areas when pictures are taken by such bokeh lens.