Dallmeyer 25mm f0.99

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描写は他のDallmeyerレンズにはあまりない、周辺ぐるぐるがはっきりと出るタイプで、「Speed Anastigmat」と共通した感触です。
Kino-Plasmatと共通のレンズ構成かとも思いましたが、Objectifs ultra-lumineux さまからいただいた情報によると、ペッツバール型のようです。Kinematographに近い描写イメージということですね。

The data of lens and the composition of lens aren't clear at this moment. The image circle if big enough to cover the size of CCD of the micro 3/4 when attached to Lumix G1. The description of this lens is rather not common as a lens of Dallmeyer to show the swirling bokeh clearly around peripheral area which makes me feel the common image as Speed Anastigmat of the same Dallmeyer. Once I thought the same composition with Kino Plasmat, but seems to have Petzval type composition from the information of Objectifs ultra-lumineux (thank you). It is better to have similar image with Kinematograph lens of this Dallmeyer.

Photos with Dallmeyer 25mm f0.99

Cold Mayfair


Mayfair area covered with thin snow in cold London. All photos are in full aperture. The description as in the ‘time tunnel’ is wonderful for me as usual.



I took photos in full aperture for almost all on this day.  The expression of peripheral area is so much as I can not indicate how many aberrations are coming out and how much. But, the pictures are very attractive for me. Particularly, when a person enters in the center with the certain size, it seems to raise the subject up by the surrounding bokeh with full of aberrations, and arouse the atmosphere of the photo so much. The streets in Paris I feel are different from London as expected, aren't they?  Fashion of the people who walk the road is very original, and is the town which arouse a desire to take photos as expected.

Mount Street, South Kensington


If I take photos of such light subjects at night, it shows a frightful but marvelous picture in the surround area. I'd like eagerly to know why it shows such description, and what kind of composition of lens, but it's a subject of a future without any data and information about this lens.



I could see the swirling bokeh from astigmatism in the peripheral area more than expected. I felt almost as Kino Plasmat at my first sight of the description, but had a feeling of a kind of uncomfortableness at the same time. The balance of the center part with focus and the deformed bokeh in circumference seem different. Anyway, it's the typical "bokeh lens" and shows also good balance when attaching on G1, so I can expect to play with it more often.