Dallmeyer SuperSix 25mm f1.9

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There are several variations of lens composition among Dallmeyer standard length lenses as Petzval type,  6 glass type, 7 glass type. Super-Six lens is the core lens among them which has almost symmetrical double Gauss type. The composition of this lens looks similar to the original Dr. Rudolph's Planar except the cemented parts of the 2nd and 3rd groups.
As you know, the original Planar could not carry out the expected performance. We had to wait until the progress of lens coating and the development of modified design of the Double Gauss. This Super Six lens also shows some different character from the modern Double Gauss type which appears a little blur around the subject. The shape of aberration around peripheral area is not so peculiar, but comming out with softness covering the total image.  

Photos with Dallmeyer SuperSix 25mm

Vip day


It is the VIP day on which two main shopping streets of London(Regent street and Oxford street) were shut out for all Vehicles. Unfortunately, it was all day raining this year. It became dark in the early afternoon. You can see considerable blur around lights on the street. It may be becuase of some cloud in lens itself. I can say the description of the subject is rather clear excluding that flare. 

Hyde Park Christmas market


It is rather difficult to take snap photos in the afternoon of winter season because of the slow shutter speed which 
makes the subjects move. The examples are the results excluding such failures. The expression of the subject is sharp 
however I feel some softness at the same time in the image which I like very much.