Derogy 1858 Objectif a foyers multiples et lantilles addictionelles

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レンズ構成 :

焦点距離 : 16cm
製造番号 : なし

Lens composition
  : Many variations are possible. Petzval for portrait, Single Doublet for Landscape, Achromatic for long and short distance, path breaking Triplet..

focla length : 16cm
Serial number : nil
(ref) Corrado D'Agostini .'Photographic lenses of the 1800's in france'

Lens Impression

ドゥロジーー(Derogy)は、1820年にPascal Walletによりパリ北方のSullyで設立された大変歴史のある光学企業で、当初は眼鏡、双眼鏡などを製造していましたが、ダゲールにより写真が実用化された後は、その初期段階から、シュバリエ(Chevalier)に光学ガラスを供給して、ダゲレオタイプカメラに使用されたといわれています。
1851年に義理の息子であるEloi-Eugene Derogyが経営に加わり、彼の指導のもと近代的なレンズ製造工程が構築されました。



Derogy is a very historical Optical firm which was founded by Pascal Wallet in 1820 in Sully, north of Paris. They manufactured reading glasses, binoculars and others in pre-photograph years, and started making photographic lenses after Daguerre's invention to supply glasses to Chevalier for manufacturing photographic objectives.
In 1851, son in law Eloi-Eugene Derogy joined the firm who led the construction of lenses being mechanize.

The success of this multi focal lens is recognized to lead the development of Derogy company, but we can hardly see in used camera & lens market.
Above all the additional lenses for its integration were often lost as this particular one.
The way of attaching and detaching is by bayonet which is different from usual screw method as most of other brass lenses.

The description of this lens in Petzval construction is unexpectedly clear and sharp with moderate 2 lines bokeh in back.

 (ref) Corrado D'Agostini .'Photographic lenses of the 1800's in france'

  Photos with Derogy Objectif a foyers multiples
Yoyogi Park


I used Pentax 6x7 this time.
It shows plain and tender descriptions.
Bokeh is also flat which being able to feel the hidden high performace of Derogy lens.

near my house


Taken by Leica M-P.
I could get very clear and sharp expression as using only center part of its image circle bu using 35mm full size format.
2 lines bokeh is moderate but without unpleasantness. Front boken is tender and beautiful.