Hermagis Anastigmat 50mm f3.5

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レンズ構成 : テッサー型
製造時期 : 1921年ごろ。

Lens Composition :  Tessar type
Production : apprx 1921

Lens Impression


この50mm f3.5のレンズの出自については、現時点では不明です。1900年代初頭に製造されたライカ誕生以前の初期35mmフィルムカメラには、各社の様々な5cm前後のレンズが装着されていましたので、それらと関係があるのかもしれません。
そうしたレンズには、Hermagis 40mmf4.5,50mmf4.5, Krauss 50mm, Goerz Hypar 50mmf3.5,Hugo Meyer Plasmat 35mmf2.0, Makro Plasmat 5cmf2.7, Caleinar 6cmf1.5 ,Koristka 5cmf3.3,などの希少なレンズもあります。しかし、いまだエルマジーの5cmf3.5は発見できていません

I could not find any concrete history about the company of Hermagis, but they shows its foundation in 1845 in their own advertise. It seems to have been making Landscape single doublet lenses in accordance with the model of Chevalier lens equipped on Daguerreotype Camera, and stared to make Petzval type lenses in collaboration with Derogy company from 1854.
They made around 10,000 production until 1862 including many large size lenses which they have good skill to produce. We can find Petzval lenses with more than 50cm long for Wet Collodion process camera. Please refer this page about serial numbers of Hermagis lenses.

It is not clear about the origin of this Hermagis anastigmat 5cmf3.5 lens. I just imagine it might be possible to have relations with early 35mm cameras(earlier of Leica camera) in around early 1900s to 1920s. Such cameras were equipped with Hermagis 40mmf4.5,50mmf4.5, Krauss 50mm, Goerz Hypar 50mmf3.5, Hugo Meyer Plasmat 35mmf2, Makro Plasmat 5cmf2.7, Caleiner 6cmf1.5, Koristka 5cmf3.3. But I could find Hermagis anastigamt 5cm f3.5 yet.

 Photos with Hermagis 50mm f3.5
Koga Peach Blossoms
(古河 桃祭り)



It is because a lens from almost 100years ago, there remains light cloudiness on the glass which shows light flare on its expression.
However the description itself is very descent. Its bokeh shows some flow at around peripheral area, I can say it would be very stable description in total despite such bokeh.
Peach blossoms were extremely beautiful in their pinkish color, I could really enjoy the start of spring season..