Kern Macro Switar 50mm f1.8

Lens Data

Lens Unit

Lens Photo

フィルター:Type B

Start sales  1958
Lens constitution  5 groups 7 lenses

Shortest distance  28cm
Weight  280g
Filter diameter  Type B

Lens Impression

1951年以降スイスのアアラウ(aarau)のケルン(kern)社でALPA用の標準レンズが製造され始めた。初めの1951-55年の間はmacroの付かないKern Aarau Switar 50mm F1.8 ARレンズが製造され、1958年から5群7枚のこのMacro-Switar50mmf1.8に代わり、1969年まで製造が続いた。スイターは約1/8倍、マクロスイターは1/3倍の接写が可能。1968年には5群8枚に設計変更されたMacro-Switar50mmf1.9が製造開始されている。

After 1951, the standard lens for ALPA began to be manufactured in Kern company of Aarau in Switzerland. During 1951-55, the 'Kern Aarau Switar 50mm F1.8 AR' lens which does not have 'Macro' name was manufactured, and took over by this 5groups 7lenses Macro-Switar50mmf1.8 from 1958, and this manufacturing continued until 1969. Switar can approach till 1/8, and Macro-Switer till 1/3. The manufacture of the Macro-Switar50mmf1.9 which was changed into 5 groups 8 lenses started in 1968.
As established reputation, the description of this lens is very clear, and at the same time, it also has the very gentle taste. Bokeh is unique which I feel like the soft circles of each bokeh is going out with overlapping. I can not see the swirling bokeh from this.


Photos with Kern Macro Switar 50mm

Tennouzu in rain


You can find strong rain falling linear in some pictures. It was a really unfortunate weather to take photo, Macro Switer gave me usual sharp and transparent image.



You can find Macro Switar's specific dissolving bokeh behind flowers in the first several photos..
However this type of bokeh does not appear on photos of Lespedeza flowers which shows rather normal
 a little 2 lines bokeh. I enjoy such taste.
If you close apperture more than f5.6, you can get very sharp and clear photos as you see.

some comfortable day


One day when the sunshine is very pleasant. I took a walk a little towards a suburb from the city. The aperture of these photos are almost f5.6-8.0. Characteristic bokeh taste of this lens isn't seen so much, but on the other hand, the outline of the subject starts to be emphasized more clearly, and they seem to be coming up towards me. Such kind of change of the description is also one of the pleasure of the old lens, don’t you think?

Chiswick House


I think that the real features of this lens both good clear description of the focus portion and the characteristic bokeh taste have come out well. The rear bokeh is phantasmagoric that is sometimes in the shape of a round egg and sometimes dissolving shape, but the splendor of the three-dimensional impression is unchange.



This is first Macro-Switar using abroad, but clear description and the characteristic of the bokeh of the back side seem to come out well. Although bokeh has a little tight outline, it does not become into the double image (2 lines) bokeh, but becomes an image which is likely oozing out. As seen in 5th photos in second row, the comatic aberration remaining seems to make the boke of the light as biased. Above all, the saleswoman of hot wine of the 1-2nd photos was really a beautiful girl.


日本橋に買い物に行くついでに、マクロ・スイター 50mmf1.8を持ち出しました。非常に素直な描写の中に、なんとなく「やさしい」味わいを醸し出してくれるレンズです。ヘリコイドは約30cmまで回るのですが、R−D1だと80cmくらいで距離計連動が外れてしまうのが本当に残念です。

I took Macro-Switar 50mmf1.8 with going to Nihonbashi for shopping. In very neutral description, it is a lens given me somehow "gentle" taste. Although Helicoid turns around to about 30cm, it is really regrettable that range finder linkage works until about 80cm with R-D1. Under the fluorescent lamp in the department store, it shows quite good color appearance, and also pleases me more under the mixture light of the electric bulb and daylight which heaping up an atmosphere more.


久しぶりに青山をぶらぶらと。さすがにお洒落なディスプレイが多いですね。魅力的なマネキンさんがいましたので、何枚も撮ってしまいました。たまには白黒もいい感じです。このLマウントのMacro-Switar50mmf1.8は見事に質感まで写し出してくれたと思います。また、動いている人物が被写体でも、けっこうさわやかにピントがきてくれます。R-D1 75mm相当でこれくらいあってくれるとかなりうれしいですね。

Also after a long absence I walked around Aoyama area. There are many indeed stylish displays. Because there were many attractive mannequins, I took photos. It is good for making black and white photos sometimes. I think that Macro-Switar50mmf1.8 of this L mount have splendidly expressed the textures. Moreover, a focus comes fairly freshly to the person who is moving. I am glad that I could find such lens in 75mm of R-D1. If I go into the back street, there are quite many restaurants of an Asian taste. It is regrettable that a building with extreme cheap restaurant ‘Genka-ya’ is under construction. This restaurant in front of that, I can feel as Hong Kong to see only this part.

Inperial Palace

GWの初日用として、久々にKern Macro Switarを選択しました。開放で接写しないとなかなか滲みレンズという感じではないですが、相変わらず抜群の解像力で活躍してくれます。

After a long absence, as for the first day of GW, I chose Kern Macro-Switar. It is not a typical bokeh lens without taking photos at a close distance in full aperture, but plays an very active role with the distinguished resolution same as usual. Speaking of an azalea, Nezu Shrine is famous, but the crowd is terrible, too. However, although it is no charge here, it is almost empty, and is just a good place known to few people. Azalea was such full bloom as I could not see leaves. And bamboo shoots are coming out in such center of Tokyo. When taking with a little closed diaphragm , and the bokeh resembled with Hector 73mm, I felt.