Kino-Plasmat (キノ・プラズマート) 4.2cm(42mm) f2.0

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マウント:PARVO 35mmムービーカメラに装着されたものをライカマウントに加工。

Production : 1929
Mount : originally for Parvo 35mm movie camera and modified into Leica M39 mount
number of production : very few.

Lens Impression


After a long absence, I could add a new Kino-Plasmat of Leica Mount. The chance of appearance of Kino-Plasmat lens decreases sharply recently, and when it appears, 25mm-12.5mm for C mount seems to be most. Of course this lens is not original Leica mount, I asked MS-OPTICAL to re-mount to the Leica mount. One of the same focal length which is 1+5/8 inches (41mm) is a original Leica mount, so I think you can compare the difference in the appearance in my HP. When this lens have arrived at hand, it was circled by a stainless cylinder with several times of weight of the lens body itself and the lens was buried mostly in the cylinder, also an iris was connected with the outer frame of the cylinder. It's just unclear at what kind of purposes this lens has been used. But I definitely admire the ability of Mr. Miyazaki making such lens to such condition as you can see above.
Description is typical Kino-Plasmat, but because of a little wide angle lens, particular taste of Kino is rather a little weak, and it may be easier to use, I can say.

  Photos with Kino-Plasmat 4.2cm f2.0
Senju and others

それにしても中でも有名は「かどや 槍かけ団子」さんが、近代的なビルに生まれ変わってしまっていたのには大ショックでした。

I took Kino Plasmat 42mmf2.0 out after a long absense on a spring day of cherry blossoms. The place I went is Senju where no particular tourist spot, but I could find the atomosphere of showa era along back streets.
I was shocked to confirm that the famous 'Kadoya Yarikae Dango' shop was renovated into a modern building.
Kino Plasmat 42mm f2.0 shows strong aberration around peripheral area at full aperture, but on the other hand, it shows remarkable sharpness at closed aperture.

Hydepark Christmas market


I go to an annual Christmas market in Hyde Park with the various lenses this year. But what is regrettable is the weather is not completely satisfactory these days. I'd like to take photos at the time when artificial light mixed with sunlight in the evening, it doesn't work easily however. Still I hope you can feel more or less the feeling of festive and delight with a little sadness here. The lens has some cloud inside, a little flare appears for the whole screen. Still the description of center is quite sharp, isn't it? Comatic aberration and Astigmatism aberration are making swirling bokeh moderately in the circumference. The swirling bokeh which often refered as the feature of Kino-Plasmat, is appearing in other lenses also, but I feel that of Kino-Plasmat is finally more original and also elegant as expected..