Makro-Plasmat 105mmf2.7

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中判カメラPrimaflex 6x6用とも言われておりますが、詳しいところはよくわかりません。真鍮製のようなので、ものすごく重いレンズです。

It is said that this les originally is from Primaflex 6x6 , but does not know the detailed information yet. Because it is made by brass, it is an extremely heavy lens. So material feeling of this chrome, the letters declared fashionably which are written on the lens top part of the lens, both are so fantastic. It seems to be slightly common to "Mushroom style" of Makro-plasmat and Promoplan of 50mm.
Because Helicoido becomes very heavy probably because of the age, this individual one will need maintenance soon. I think that I will be considerably annoyed of the flare including because it is no coating lens, however, this is the pleasure of ‘bokeh lens’ , it is very welcome.

 Photos with Makro-Plasmat 105mm
walk around


I took photos in a neighborhood, but because the photograph of the flowers are taken in full aperture, slight flare and soft bokeh appear, and there seems to be tendency of a little drifting depending on background. But it becomes considerably sharp when I close the diaphragm which you can see in the lower row.  I show them in turn of ‘whole picture’ / ‘center expansion’ in the row, the resolution of the image of expansion is also very well, I feel as if a different lens from the full aperture. The ability of the lens named Makro-Plasmat is high. The bottom pictures are roughly the distance of 100m ~ 200m. Since it uses only a central portion of the lens for medium format cameara, high resolution is natural, but the flow of bokeh at peripheral portion of the screen, and blur of the car wash of light, makes me feeling it ‘Plasmat’



After all Makro-Plasmat is a lens totally different from Kino. Even if there is considerably the individual difference, the ‘swirling bokeh’ will not appear on this Makro-Plasmat basically. I felt rather the flare / the blur at the full aperture nearer to Super-Six of Dallmeyer. But it is considerably clear when I closed the diaphragm a little. I show the example down to f4.
It is embarrassing a little because this lens makes pictures with describing a good atmosphere even when taking the snap shop in the usual home town. When the light spot enters into the background, becoming the big blur, which is my favorite description.
It seems that the flare starts the upper part of a screen considerably when a day light is very from the front. However, the resolution comes out of the portion with a focus is well. The picture goes clear with closing the diaphragm a little, however it is weak against the flare made by a light source, it requires a deep hood.