Dallmeyer Oscilac 51mm f1.0

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ライカ用に改造したかったのですが、バック・フォーカスが短く、残念ながらSony Nex用まででいっぱいでした。

I could find little information about this lens. Vade Mecum refers as a kind of CRT copying lens but without confidence.
This is a mystery lens.
I wanted to modify into Leica M mount, but because of the short back focus, NEX mount is the most could do.
The description of the lens is as the restive horse. Extreme two lines bokeh and disorder around the peripheral part which makes very unique picture.
I do not think this lens should be a better lens for common usage, but very enjoyable lens for taking flowers,

 Photos with Oscilac 51mm f1.0
Steam Punk
(Steam Punkをスタジオ撮影)




i got a chance to take photos of menbers of Steampunk.

My main object is to use Chevalier a verres combines lens on 4x5, but I also used a Dallmeyer Oscilac lens time to time.
Oscilac has a amazing level of sperical aberration and curvature of field. So it is mandatory to make focus on the position of face each time in stead of makin on center and adjust laters. But it was so busy ussing 4x5 and other, I made out of focus on such many photos.

I developed RAW photo in pale color to fit the atmosphere of them , but I do not know if this suits or not.

Turips around my house


This season has come. I everyyear realize my eagerness to use this lens on this particular season. The reason is so simple. The taste of its intense Bokeh fits this flower very much, I think. Someone would like such melting taste of Bokeh(mainly from strong 2 line bokeh), but someone would not. But I wish to play with this lens for a long time even the chance is very limited.

Turip around Yokohama baseball stadium and China Town


The bokeh on the back side of flowers are very unique. I have never observe such bokeh on the other lenses I ever tried.
I can see strong influence from spherical aberration and coma aberration from the shape of bokeh around peripheral part.

Cherry blossoms along Meguro river


The condition was not so good in such dark night and the blossom were moving by cool wind, but the power of f1.0 was strong under such condition.
I like the description of this lens as if painted with oil color.