Siemens Askinar 200mm f6.8

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Siemens AG was established in 1847, and one of the current most huge multinational enterprize whose annual turnover records 14 trillion yen. We should pronounce the name as 'ji-mensu' because it is the german company, but even Japanese corporation use 'shi-mensu' as their formal name. I have never heard it as the Optical corporation, it might have produce some kind of lenses as they had been producing 16mm movie camearas. I suppose the know-how had been taken over to the current production of CCTV camera and Medical tools.
I was very surprised to see this 200mm focal lens for C-mount and moverover it is a Refrective lens. Also the big point of this lens is that it ashas has diaphragm in this type of lens.   I have never seen among 35mm lenses. The focal length is equvalent as 400mm in 35mm type, so I often fail keep steady to take pictures.

Photos with Siemens Askinar 200mmf6.8

Hydepark Christmas Market


It is very interesting to be able to shoot very natural faces and figures of people with such super tele-lens which is a different taste from the snap shoots with 50mm normal lenses. On the other hand, it is very difficult to express the surrounding atmosphre in screen because of such high compression of the back ground.

on a Bus


As it is equal to 400mm lens in 35mm format, the subject fills up the screen even I thought it is enough distance. Because the compression ratio of the distance is very high, I found it is enjoyable to shoot with this lens sometimes.