Som Berthiot Paris Cinor 50mm f1.5

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形状から判断するとプロジェクター用のレンズですね。でも鏡胴にははっきりとCINOR 50mmf1.5と刻印されています。最近ebayでFLORの55mmf1.5が1万ドル以上で出ていましたが、こちらは数十分の一ととても廉価。

Judging from the shape of this lens body, I suppose it may be for Projection. However the name 'CINOR 50mmf1.5' is clearly engraved on its body. I found the incredible price of more than 10000 USD of Flor 55mmf1.5 on ebay, this Cinor costs almost 4-5% price of that.
There were no Helicoid, Diaphragm in original lens. I asked Mr. Miyazaki of MS optical to add them, but because it was impossible to find space enough to add helicoid nor 
 diaphragm normally,  resulted into the special device seen in above photos. It is a little troublesome to use, but not fatal problem for daily usage.
I estimate the lens composition might be Petaval type, although no concrete data were at hand. The description in center part is sharp and good swirling bokeh in peripheral area is seen at the same time even on micro 4/3 format.

Photos with Som Berthiot Cinor 50mmf1.5

(VIPデイ 歩行者天国)


It is not such much as Dallmeyer Kinematograph, the center part show rather clear coming with surrounding swirling bokeh distinctly.
The usage of helicoid is not so easy, it was a little trouble to snap people in full aperture on the evening road.