Summcron R 50mm f2.0

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構成: 5群6枚
フィルター径:前期=シリーズY、後期=シリーズZ or E55mm

Angle of view 45 degrees
Weight 325g
Composition 5group 6lenses
Filter diameter early type=series Y, later type=series Z or E55mm
Shortest distance 50cm

Lens Impression


There are two types of this lens, the early type with the thin lens top and the second type of the usual form. What I own now is a first type. Since lens composition differs from a second type so clearly, I think that description is also different, but I do not try actually yet. According to the examples, this first type can be said to be a very excellent lens. I hear the rumor that 1 cam lens of early type is best among Summicron R50mm, but the truth is unidentified. By the way, this lens is right the 1 cam of that.

 Photos with Summicron R 50mm


The examples show the description of Summicron R without any breakdown.
I think this Summicron R of early 1 cam is a really good lens. The purchase price is 10,000 yen. Mmm, distinguished cost performance, with distinguished image. Even backlight of the evening I can approach to the subject almost without picking up the flare. Under a flat light on the other hand, the projection is very "neat and smart". Even if a direct electric bulb enters in the field of angle, there comes almost no blur because of that light. Color of green from fluorescent lights is also nice.