Summilux 35mmf1.4 ASPH (floating elements)     

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発売 : 2010年
構成 : 5群9枚
最短撮影距離 : 70cm
重量 :320g
フィルタ : E46

Start of sales 2010
Composition5groups 9lenses
The shortest distance:70cm

Lens Impression

その後、非球面レンズを導入し、「Aspherical 」「ASPH」と進化して、いずれも開放から非常にシャープで解像力の優れたレンズとして定評があります。


Summisux 35mm f1.4 lens 1st version was famous among Leica fans to show the specific description which emphasize outstanding halo and flare at full aperture, and on the contrary gives very firm expression at closed aperture.
Afterwards, the evolution had been made through 'Aspherical' and 'ASPH' to achieve the established reputation of  very sharp and precise expression.
At last in 2010, this latest type was introduced to maintain the basic lens composition but to implement the floating system to improve the aberration in near field.
However, as I used actually, I could not distinguish the sensible difference betwwen this lens and the former 'ASPH'. On the other hand, I worried if the maintenance cost would be much higher because of this floating system.

 Photos with Summilux 35mm ASPH(floating)  
San Fransisco
Scene 景色

Slope 坂道

People 人々

China Town チャイナタウン

サンフランシスコの輝く太陽の下、ズミルックス35mmf1.4 アスフェリカル(フローティング)レンズが予想通りのパフォーマンスを発揮してくれました。

Under the brilliant sunshine, of San Fransisco, Summilux 35mmf1.4 ASPH(floating) showed the expecting performance.
I did not take many photos at full aperture, but you cna see the best example of this lens at full aperture. There is no swirling bokeh of astigmatism and shows no two lines bokeh on round bokeh of back lights.