Summilux 50mm f1.4 ASPH LHSA

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構成: 5群8枚

Summilux 50mmf1.4
Angle of view 45 degrees
Weight approx.460g
Composition 5groups 8lenses
Filter diameter 43mm
Shortest distance 70cm

Lens Impression

ライカMP−3は、2005年10月に世界限定1000台(クローム500台、ブラックペイント500台)で発売された記念ライカで、企画はアメリカのLHSA(Leica Historical Society of America)です。


Leica MP-3 was commemoration Leica sold by 1000 of world limitation (500 chromes and 500 black painting) in October, 2005 planned by American LHSA (Leica Historical Society of America).
In actual sales, each 375 are sold by a set and each 125 were sold separately as a body and a lens respectively.
The design also follows its originator Leica MP as much as possible which only 400 were made in around 1956. The outside appearance and the rewinding knob are made as M3, the shape of its strap rings as early M3 lucky ear , and the film counter as Leica M2. And the standard lens was equipped with Summilux 50mm f1.4 ASPH LHSA with the design of 1st Summilux type.
This lens was probably sold by an element, I feel this rather bigger because total length of the lens is longer than original Summilux non ASPH lens. Its Weight is also heavier than 1st Summilux by approx.100g(30% up) which let me feel much heaviler.

The expression of this lens is easily acknowledge from following sample photos, contrast is very high which I could read even in the live view finder of Leica M-P. Almost no aberration was shown in peripheral area, a small 2 lines bokeh could seen around middle range focal distance otherwise the attenuation of bokeh is so smooth.
I can say this is one of the extremer standard lens judged by its quarity. (The preference of this lens maight be another story.)

 Photos with Summilux 50mm ASPH LHSA
Yokohama Yamate


I love to visit Western Residences at Yamate area in Yokohama in this Christmas season to enjoy their beautiful decorations of Christmas. It was a fine day to get high contrast photos to demonstrates Summilux ASPH performance.

Most of photos in room are taken at full aperture, so you can distinguish the atomosphere of bokeh of Summilux ASPH at different distance.