Summilux R 50mm f1.4

Lens Data

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構成: 6群7枚
フィルター径:series Z

Angle of view45 degrees
Compositon 6groups 7lenses
Filter diameterseries Z
Shortest distance50cm

Lens Impression


When attaching it to EOS5D, it become a very smart combination together. And I can say this combination fits rather familiar than CANON genuine standard lenses. Lens composition is different from 50mm of the Leica M lens, and, for my impression, an R lens is more distinctive for bokeh and can be seen swirling bokel also. However, when I made the Lens comparison, this shows rather straight description similar to Planar 50mmf1.4 Contax RTS, it is difficult to judge the performance easily.

 Photos with Summilux R 50mm 
Kew Gardens
2点めは予想外のボケのうるささです。このレンズの構成図は有名なZeiss ContaxRTSのPlanar50mmとよく似ているのですが、やはり実際の写りはそれほど単純なものではないようです。

I used this lens after a long absence, following major two characteristics are seen.
One is clearness of the images. This lens shows the good quality of sharpness and transparency as living in the different dimensions from the usual old lenses. The second point is unexpected annoyingness of the bokeh. The lens composition of this lens resembles Planar50mm of famous Zeiss Contax RTS closely, but after all the actual description can not be appeared so simple.
at garden

(左) 最短距離が40cmなので、使いやすいレンズです。近いところのボケはmacro-switarにも似た溶けるような感じになっています。
(右) ボケがわかりやすいように撮りましたが、やはり僅か回っているように感じます。

I bought it in the ‘sacred place’ in Ginza. This is the type of Hood built-in. Because the rear side of the lens bulges, it hit the mirror of 5D in infinity.
(Left) Since the shortest distance is 40cm, this can be more all-round to use lens. The bokeh near the focus, I feel, resembles macro-switar as melting.
The center I photographed at the same place with full aperture and F8. I feel bokeh is rather disorder a little, but it may be because it has 2 lines double images bokeh a little.
(The right I took it to be easy to understand the shape of bokeh, it is turning around a little also.